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Rosmoor is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and has always been a joint effort between mother, Rose Tomlin (formerly of Pelham, New York, and now of Charleston, South Carolina), and daughter, Jennie Tomlin Hynes. Jennie has always been interested in the dogs and was showing at matches as a very young child. From the beginning, mother and daughter have shared the same vision for the Rosmoor dogs.  All of our achievements are the result of our joint efforts.

On left: Kate, Sarah and Courtney and on right: Kate and Sarah with our newest hopefuls.

Currently, the active show dogs reside with Jennie, her husband Kevin, and her three young daughters Sarah, Courtney, and Kate in Connecticut while Rose provides a southern home for some of the retirees. Because Rosmoor houses a small number of dogs, the puppies and adults rotate into the home for individual attention. As a result, our Shelties are well socialized.

Rose established the Rosmoor breeding program in 1966 (the year Jennie was born). From the beginning, the mission was to establish a breeding program that produced sound, showy, correct dogs in all three colors with a distinct look, identifiable as Rosmoor.

The line of dogs that signify Rosmoor are founded on two bitches. The first foundation bitch was Ch. Faharaby Blue Larkspur C.D. Not only was she a champion and an obedience titlist, she was also a group winner. Lark was purchased as a 4-month-old puppy from Beth Chappell of Faharaby Shelties. She was the dam of Rose's first homebred litter, and every Rosmoor Sheltie descends from this bitch.

The second foundation bitch was Ch. Rosmoor Brae Carel Bonnie, a sable daughter of Ch. Diamond Robert Bruce out of a Lingard bitch. She was purchased from Mrs. Austin Elliott of Greensboro, NC at six weeks of age. Bonnie finished 2 years later with four majors. Originally these two bitches were the basis for a distinct AOAC and a sable breeding program. However, in 1978, the two lines were crossed to give us one bloodline from which we currently work. We were fortunate that both of these bitches were sound, showy, and correct.

Ch. Rosmoor Robert of Migadala, ROM

From the beginning, our kennel enjoyed successes, but in the late 70's our breeding program really began to come together with intense line-breeding on Ch. Sundowner Mr. Bojangles and the advent of our own double Bo grandson, Ch. Rosmoor Robert of Migadala, ROM. Through Bobby, we were able to tighten pedigrees and begin to consistently produce the look we wanted. He sired champions for us in all 3 colors, and in doing so, gave us greater flexibility in our breeding program.

Ch. Rosmoor Katy-Did

In 1978, Ch. Rosmoor Katy-Did, a beautiful, though very plain mahogany sable bitch and a granddaughter of Ch. Bonnie, was bred to Bobby. Katy was the winner of three prestigious East Coast specialties in 1978. She is remembered, even today, by breeders for her beautiful, clean, smooth head and correct dark eye and melting expression. She had a beautiful outline and was extremely sound. Katy is featured in both AKC sheltie videos.


This breeding crossed the two lines we had been working with previously. This litter produced four tri-colors, of which we kept and finished 2 bitches. One of those bitches, Ch. Rosmoor Night Sprite, figures prominently in our pedigrees today. Becky was a plain bitch with a pretty head and beautiful eyes and expression. Her movement was close to perfect. This bitch was bred to Ch. Macdega Proof Positive, ROM and produced Ch. Rosmoor Once Again, a very necky blue bitch with a clean, smooth head and melting expression. Taylor is the dam of Ch. Rosmoor BraeCarel Whimsical (Tally).

Ch. Rosmoor Night Sprite

Ch. Rosmoor Once Again


Ch. Rosmoor BraeCarel Whimsical

Ch. Rosmoor The Apocalypse

Tally is by Ch. Ashwood Slight of Hand, C.D., ROM and traces through both parents to Ch. Rosmoor Robert of Migadala, ROM. She finished quickly due in part to her showy outgoing temperament and correct head and stunning outline. She figures prominently in our current breeding program. Bred to Ch. Country Lane The Energizer, ROM she produced Ch. Rosmoor The Apocalypse, who is the eighth generation descended from our original sheltie and the result of five generations of champion Rosmoor bred bitches. Anson won 14 Specialty Best of Breeds and has contributed greatly to our breeding program, producing beautiful heads and expressions.  His daughters have produced extremely well for us.


In the early '80s we purchased a young sable daughter of Ch. Robert with just a few points. She was out of a Ch. September's Rainmaker daughter and possessed many qualities we admired. Her name was Ch. Greenview's Jasmine. She had a beautiful head, eye and outline and is the granddam of Ch. Rosmoor Renaissance. "Whitney" was bred to Ch. Rosmoor The Apocalypse to produce Ch. Rosmoor The Epiphany and Rosmoor Simple Abundance. A repeat of this breeding produced Ch. Rosmoor Radiance and Ch. Rosmoor Nocturne.

Ch. Rosmoor Renaissance


Ch. Rosmoor The Epiphany

Ch. Rosmoor Nocturne

 Ch. Rosmoor Radiance

This combination proved very influential to our breeding program.  Ch Rosmoor the Epiphany a multiple specialty winner was bred first to Ch. Akirene’s Aramis Bi Barkley to produce Ch. Rosmoor Rapture, “Perdita”.  Perdita was finished quickly and was bred to Ch. Pop Star SS of Northern Farm to produce two quality sons, Ch Rosmoor Providence, “Jonah” who was sold as a 10 month old puppy to Peggy and Jan Haderlie.   Jonah finished in three weeks for the Haderlies including several specialty wins.  Jonah’s brother, Ch Rosmoor Protocol, “Kenshe” also finished quickly as a puppy with four specialty majors.  Ch Rosmoor Protocol has proved to be a very good producer in his first few litters producing 4 champions before his third birthday.  The Epiphany was also bred to Ch Macdega Atlantis, a breeding that produced, Ch. Rosmoor Revenant a beautiful bi blue bitch.  Revenant finished quickly as a young bitch including a Best in sweepstakes win and Best of winners from the 6-9 puppy class at Tidewater SSC under Joe Molloy.  She also placed in the regular and futurity 9-12 AOAC class at the 2006 National in Virginia Beach.  Revenant has since proved to be a very consistent producer.  Bred first to Ch. Pop Star SS of Northern Farm, gave us Rosmoor Narragansett a beautiful refined blue merle bitch who will be shown in 2010.  Next she was bred to Ch Montage Booty Call and produced Ch Rosmoor Incantation.  Incantation finished quickly from the puppy class in 2009 in a very limited amount of shows including two specialty Best in Sweeps, three major wins and a Best of Breed over specials.  She was recognized by sheltie breeders as well as all rounders.

Another sister from the Apocalypse-Renaissance breeding, Ch. Rosmoor Radiance, finished with three majors, including a specialty win, was bred to Ch. Pop Star SS of Northern Farm, ROM to produce two blue merle sisters, Ch. Rosmoor Requiem, co-owned with Candi Anglace of Wynridge shelties and Ch. Rosmoor Redemption owned by us and Brian Cleveland.  Ch. Rosmoor Requiem finished with two specialty majors, two Best of Breeds and a group placement in 4 month from start to finish.  Ch Rosmoor Redemption finished with three majors including specialty wins under Guy Jeavons and Wendy Mount.  As a youngster, she won a very competitive 9-12 AOAC puppy bitch class of 52 at the 2006 National in Virginia Beach under Jan Leonard.

The third sister, Ch Nocturne produced Rosmoor Enchanted by Ch. Primo Wistwin Arctic.  She is co-owned with Brian Cleveland.

Our need to remain very small (4-6 adults) has necessitated vigilance to quality that has served us well. Since our inception, we have averaged one champion per year, and have produced and finished champions in all three colors. Our dogs are almost always owner-handled, and the majority of our wins come at specialty shows. We only keep those dogs we believe will finish, and who prove that they can consistently produce quality offspring.


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